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Since 2010, we have grown to serve over 12,000 sellers in 46 countries engaging with over 75,000 sales tools

SalesTech partner of the mobile enterprise

Business software has contributed greatly to the growth of companies. Workers are empowered with tools that provide real-time global communication, instant access to knowledge and relieve of administrative burden.
This holds true as long as workers sit behind their screen: the efficiency of today’s software environment stops as soon as workers are in the field, in a sales conversation or on the move.
d!nk builds state-of-the art tools and provides expertise to drastically improve Sales Effectiveness with measurable impact on sales performance.


Sales transformation for industry leaders

d!nk helps companies to transform their sales processes from inside-out focus and administrative pingpong into customer centric and streamlined flow-through processes. Companies rely on d!nk to build a robust pipeline, increase hit rate and ultimately achieve higher sales revenues and also to learn from the best salespeople, build a smarter organisation and accelerate innovation.
We are sales people, too. And we were wondering why we were on our own to invent the right story in front of a customer. With the advent of the iPad in 2010, we saw an opportunity to bring the sales interaction to the next level and develop an easy-to-use app to deliver sales pitches more effectively.
Back then, PDF was the standard for digital sales tools, but we choose to go interactive by relying on HTML5, which has in the meantime become the standard for interactive apps.
We love technology but don’t expect our customers to do the same. We set up the RoSE program to share our expertise to identify the right sales tools for your sales process and provide the services to create the first tools together and gradually make you autonomous in definition, creation and deployment of sales tools, with the help of the right partners.


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