d!nk – Digitizing Sales Processes

Rely on our expertise and state-of-the art platform to drastically improve your Sales Effectiveness with measurable impact on sales performance. Guaranteed.

d!nk Expertise

Sales Enablement is more than technology. Our customers benefit from our expertise and services to accelerate deployment.

RoSE discovery and implementation program

Since each organization has different challenges and strategic objectives, we start each collaboration with an analysis of opportunities for improving sales effectiveness and defining killer sales enablement applications. Based on this assessment we jointly create the sales tools and and roll-out a pilot program.
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Develop advanced sales workflow applications

Our customers create amazing interactive sales tools with the d!nk Powerpoint® Plug-in. The d!nk project team supports customers to specify and build advanced workflow applications that provide great value for field sales.

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Customer Success

Setting up Sales Enablement is only part of the story. The d!nk customer success team actively supports our customers with our expertise in accelerating user adoption. Customers love our extensive knowledge center and make our customer support team happy by requesting in-company training to inspire content managers to create sales tools with measurable impact.
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Data integration services

Sales Enablement tools are part of an integrated customer information flow. d!nk deeply integrates with CRM to enrich customer information with the feedback collected during customer interactions. Specific d!nk workflow applications integrate with ERP and other information systems.

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d!nk software suite

Self-service, cloud-based software suite for today’s and tomorrow’s sales enablement applications with measurable impact.

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