The d!NK software platform

Build powerful apps in-house or rely on us for full-service and expertise

d!NK Tablet app

Present pitch books and sales tools, gather customer data, close deals, enter orders

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d!NK Cloud Publication manager

Manage users and content

d!NK Powerpoint Plugin

Create pitch books and sales tools from within PowerPoint


d!NK insights

Get insights about customers and the sales interaction


d!NK Services

Although the d!NK software is self-service, our customers can benefit from our expertise and services to accelerate deployment.

Rose implementation and pilot

Return On Sales Effectiveness.
Since each organization has different challenges and goals, we like to start each collaboration with setting specific goals and discovering the biggest opportunities for field forces. Based on this assessment we develop apps and roll-out a pilot program.
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App & content creation

We create apps and content adapted to your specific needs. Although our Powerpoint® Plug-in allows you to create interactive sales tools from within Microsoft® Powerpoint®, our project teams are available to create your sales tools in close collaboration with your marketing or sales support department. 

Technical support and training

We offer in-company training for content managers to learn how to create amazing sales tools and manage users and content with our cloud-based software suite.

On top of the extensive support site, our technical support agents can be reached by e-mail or phone during business hours.

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Data analytics services

Sales enablement tools are part of an integrated information flow. d!NK ingests customer data from enterprise information systems like ERP or CRM, and returns the feedback collected during customer interactions.
Additionally, the data captured during the sales interaction is a great basis for coaching and content improvement.

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