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d!nk Engage Tablet App


Display PDF, multimedia & video
Display PDFs, videos and multimedia presentations straight from the app, whether online or offline.
Run interactive sales tools
Run interactive sales tools created with our PowerPoint Plugin, such as a ROI calculator, simulators, interactive demonstrations etc.
Gather customer feedback
Gather customer feedback through surveys, segmentation tools, interactive questionnaires, etc.
Generate customer visit reports during the sales interaction.
Smart sync
All d!nk content can be used offline. Updates are prioritized and downloaded automatically whenever the tablet gets connected.
Send instant notifications to notify your team or an individual user.
Favorite kiosks
Salespeople can create a sales environment with favorite publications, straight from the app.
Public & private mode
Organize the content on your app in public and private publications to hide internal documentation while engaging with your customers.
Windows version
You deployed Windows8 tablets? d!nk also provide an app for Windows8.
You have sales people with Windows8 tablets and iPads? No need to bother: you only need to create the sales tools once and all statistics come together.

d!nk Content Factory: PowerPoint Plug-in

Create tools & interactive publications
Straight from PowerPoint you can create interactive multimedia publications including: video, animations and 3D. Morover, create advanced sales tools such as forms, surveys, calculators, simulators and much more.
Direct distribution to your mobile salesforce
Easily push your presentations to the tablets of your team.
User-friendly drag & drop interface
Create interactive sales tools without any coding. Our Plugin adds extra interactive elements to PowerPoint. Just drag and drop those to your presentation to create engaging sales tools.
Quick installation
 Start creating sales tools in matter of seconds. Just download our PowerPoint Plugin, install and you’re ready to go!


d!nk Portfolio Manager

d!NK admin module
Enterprise-grade admin module
Our cloud-based backend is unlimitly scalable and allows for thousands of publications, hundreds of users
and dozens of languages. Without slowing down.
Manage users and roles
Add users with different access roles and get them started in matter of seconds.
Manage content
Assign PDFs, videos, images and multimedia pitchbooks and interactive tools to the right individual or team.
Content workflow management
Set up a content verification process adapted to your company’s rules and policies.
Sync with Google Drive
Dragging content to your Google Drive will automatically push it to your sales teams tablets.

d!nk Insight

Insights in your customer base
Gather real-time-data from your customer interaction. In order to qualify your sales funnel, segment your customer base and determine the optimal next sales activity.
Insights in content usage
Measure the usage of publications and tools. Feed these insights to marketing or sales support to improve sales collateral and tools.
Insights in your sales performance
Follow up the execution of your sales strategy by your sales teams. Discover opportunities for improvement and coaching.
d!NK PowerPoint Plugin