d!nk enables us to support sales forces in 3 countries and 6 languages.

At Galderma, product marketing supports the sales reps with information on diseases, treatments and products. Keeping a library of printed visuals up-to-date is hard to manage not only for marketing but also for the sales reps. “If Galderma wants to be seen as the market leader, we need to provide this information in a dynamic, interactive and persuasive manner. Graphs, movies, slides, presentations, … that’s a given, but we also needed to gather feedback from the health care professional. This is where d!nk makes the difference. Through order forms and surveys we immediately get feedback from the sales call, ready for follow-up.”

Creating an interactive detail aid was much easier then I expected, this app made it very straight forward!
Kirsten Van Zelst, Product Manager

By moving to digital sales tools on tablets, Galderma is able to maintain an up-to-date library of sales visuals in 6 languages in 3 countries. d!nk provides the tools to maintain a library of visuals, technical articles, literature and reports to the tablet of the sales representative – in only a few clicks. Each sales rep only sees the relevant materials for their country, language and division. Products managers use the statistics per page as a guideline for improving the support to sales.