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Digital Briefcase for better interaction

Digital Briefcas
Library of documents
The digital briefcase enables you to have all your content with you and always up to date at any time.
Organize your briefcase
Organize your content per team, language, product, etc. You can even organize your favourite content from the app.
Personalize your briefcase
Personalized sales environment and application, to fit in your business colors & design.

Pitchbooks to sell more

Scripted Presentations
Non-lineair scripted presentations are a great way to support consultative or solution selling. It allows the sales person to adapt his script to the audience and the circumstances at hand.
Layered Presentations & sending documentation
Embedded PDFs in a presentation is a great way to create a second layer of detail in a scripted presentation. Datasheets, product feature leaflets, technical specifications illustrate the sales claims in the right context. You can follow up the sales visit by sending the relevant PDF documents to the customer during or after the visit. 
Virtual Demonstrations
Videos illustrate the steps in a procedure or process better than a thousand slides. By simple drag and drop, videos are inserted into a PowerPoint® presentation, and the d!nk plug-in will convert the videos to tablet compatible formats.
Digital Briefcas

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Sales & service tools for the whole team!

Digital Briefcas
Lead Forms
Don’t lose a single lead by using digital lead forms, for example on exhibitions or seminars. Data is immediately synced to ensure a proper follow up and analysis of leads. 
Price lists
Price lists are invaluable tools to close deals on the spot.Just drop a spreadsheet in a shared folder and d!nk will automatically push the data to your sales teams’ tablets.
Service Forms
Stop wasting time filling out paperwork, forms or time sheets. With d!nk you can call up all your customer’s information and have it directly collected in each and every form or sheet. 
Show the benefits of your product by creating a simulation together with your customer. 
Market surveys
B2B marketeers struggle to get objective and actionable feedback from customers. The sales force is in direct contact with customers and prospects and is the most knowledgeable source of market information. By inserting feedback questions and surveys into the sales presentations, you collect actionable market knowledge straight from the source.

Administration tools to save time

Order Intake forms
The order intake form presents items with prices and discounts. The orders can be integrated with your ERP system, can be stored in a spreadsheet or can be e-mailed to customer service.
Congress Registration Forms
Make use of the face-to-face meeting to invite your customer to a congress and register them on the spot. 
Customer Scoring Tool
Score customers and prospects in order to determine the segment best fitting their profile.
Adverse Event Reports
Avoid losing any events reported by your customers and make sure fast follow up is guaranteed.
Digital Briefcas

Training & E-Learning tools

Training & E-learning tools
Training & coaching library
Create and organize a customized library of training materials: product trainings, PDF documents, training videos and much more.
New Product launch trainings
Prepare and train your team for new product launches. The training material is pushed to the tablets so sales persons can learn any time and any place.
Training Evaluation Tools
Evaluate your trainings and trainers with specific evaluation tools. Gather the results immediately.
Log of personal achievements
Provide a customized coaching journey adapted to their individual peformance and career stage.
Kickstarting your new employees, by providing them knowledge, skills and behaviors to become outperformers in no-time.